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rendering the room bright visual experience. Classic light-colored log floor, wood clear natural sense of strong, through a special splicing method will be able to show a different kind of visual experience. The overall tone pale, large area paving will not let the home was dull, but rather fresh and natural. Bathroom space as a whole are set to calm, regardless of the wall color, or the late furniture, soft clothing accessories, ground multi-color splicing floor showing a more mature and more quality home texture. At the same time multi-color

splicing also enriched the indoor space tones, so that the bathroom will not be too single. Like the retro system, the requirements of the texture of life you can not miss this floor. Beautiful floor edge arc, perfect glossy texture presents texture life, this type of floor is easy to create a classical home atmosphere.There are many families like to choose light-colored flooring, hoping to have a quiet home atmosphere. How can we create a quiet home atmosphere? Many families in the decoration attaches great importance to furniture,

cabinets and other overall color match, but few people consider the color of the floor and the wall with, in fact, they occupy the room the largest area of ??color, so the match between them is critical. A good interior is like a good painting, the wall is the whole picture of the background, the floor in terms of its color, it is this painting to reconcile the color of one of the largest color. Those who love the yellow must be the people who love life. It is recommended to pick the warm yellow hood, warm tone who can resist. A bright corner, a little

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