Support for state-level gas tax increases in Southwest continue to lag

A new and more compact slipform paver is being introduced by Guntert & Zimmerman, widening the firm’s range of models. The company has been known in the past for its large slipform pavers used in road and airport runway jobs but in recent years has developed smaller and more compact units. The S400 shares many of its features with the existing S600, which was previously the most compact model in the line-up. The firm’s German representative, Peter Hedke said,[url=]pavement crack sealing[/url] “It’s the smallest machine we’ve ever built.”

This new unit has been designed to combine versatility with productivity and Hedke said, “It’s an entry level machine for contractors or a machine for existing customers to widen their fleet.”However the firm is keen to point out that this is also a high quality machine that can deliver high quality paving. The machine features G&Z’s sophisticated EGON operation and guidance package and can offer remote diagnostics and the firm’s NoLine stringless integration technology.[url=]compactor plate industry[/url]

As with other slipformers in the G&Z range, the new S400 can be used in combination with machine control technologies from different suppliers. The new S400 retains the same novel SmartLeg turnbuckle design that allows fast width changes and according to Hedke, this is a key feature as it ensures the machine is highly versatile, as is required for slipformers in its class. He said,chip spreader market
“It’s a single lane machine and a smaller version of the S600. It can be used for offset paving, fitted with molds to slipform New Jersey barriers.”The S400 also has the firm’s AccuSteer system and is designed to cope with tight curves such as kerbs in parking areas or for roads linking to housing developments and Hedke added,[url=]laser concrete cutting equipment[/url] “It can be used to pave roundabouts.”

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