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chi chi. Staggered superimposed stitching way so that the original color of the floor can not be a romantic interpretation of the personalized home space. The overall color of the floor yellowish, realistic wood grain with almost the color of the wood, help to deduce the natural fresh home. Floor tones retro, with the indoor style just right. Do the old appearance, retro color, staggered stitching way to show the personality of the tone of the quality of home, so that the ground is very playful. Floor color deep, so if the space is not

large, we must do a good job of space lighting design, so as to avoid a small space stitching a large sense of depression. Like the retro system, the requirements of the texture of life you can not miss this floor. Beautiful floor edge arc, perfect glossy texture presents texture life, this type of floor is easy to create a classical home atmosphere. The floor is no longer a simple wood tones, or green or blue or pure or flower, whether you love the IKEA style, literary or pastoral elegance, these colorful flooring there is always a middle of your

heart. Floor color is simple, but in the side part of the small details of the deal, imitation nail pattern to the floor splicing at the Department of more beautiful scenes, particularly interesting. The overall color of the floor fresh natural, all kinds of space can be well managed, as long as the random splicing can show a decent home. Shape is not a simple square, similar to the lantern. Floor edge also took the pattern processing, the overall splicing will be exceptionally beautiful. The same parquet flooring, closer to the wood tones, the floor

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