To develop a reasonable construction program and choose the appropriate process

Construction technology, roadbed construction quality control. Fill roadbed must be filled before the start of the test, the technical parameters as the basis for the construction of such filler. Construction side in the fill before the roadbed must first clear the debris on the ground, leveling with graders, and then use the roller before filling the compaction, and strictly control the thickness of loose shop. The quality of the embankment filling is the key to ensure the quality of the whole roadbed. The thickness of the pavement must be strictly in accordance with the national standard. After the completion of each layer, the next step must be carried out after passing the inspection. Excavated embankment should be designed according to the cross-section and slope requirements from top to bottom layer by layer excavation. Slope excavation in a timely manner after the drainage work to prevent rain erosion slope. 2) Construction quality control of concrete pavement. In order to ensure the cement concrete in the mix design, the amount of cement should not be less than 300kg; construction of the concrete slump and water-cement ratio according to the construction conditions of the appropriate adjustment; by aggregate type, maximum particle size, Leveling and mixing with the admixture and other tests to determine the unit of concrete water consumption; strict control of the concrete pavement cutting time, generally in the compressive strength of about 10MPa before cutting, concrete pavement is completed, the timely use of wet material Water conservation.
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