Shili ditch section of the road to ensure that the road flow

In the "eight eight to see" activities, Changzhi highway management section adhere to the "vertical in the end, horizontal to the edge, do not stay dead", to strengthen road inspection and risk investigation and management, to take effective measures to eliminate the security risks in time to protect the road safety Smooth,[url=]list of equipments for construction[/url] to build safe road.

Changzhi section of the organization of conservation personnel to use fine weather, pay close attention to the road side ditch repair, restoration of damaged drainage works to ensure that the road is smooth. On both sides of the road to block traffic signs, affecting the line of sight of the street tree branches were cut off and clean up to eliminate security risks. In the continuous downhill section of the re-cast the shock mark, replace the warning card,[url=]discovery classic comprehensive delta[/url] to remind the Secretary to take the staff, slow down the slow, for the Secretary for personnel with a "seat belt." On the line of traffic signs, marking, warning piles, fence, dangerous sections, accident-prone sections, such as a comprehensive security inspection, timely erosion caused by the rain caused by fuzzy, unsafe security warning signs to clean, incomplete The replacement of the paint, paint re-painting, to ensure that neat eye-catching, improve the road safety factor. For some sections of the road bend more than the case, the timely addition of the guide standard, convex mirror and corner warning guardrail.

Up to now, the State Road 207 line, the provincial road northbound line completed a total of stone stone cutting stone stone 1000m, street trees trim 18.649km, update the addition of signs 11,[url=]fixing a crack in concrete[/url] marking refresh (including shock) 11,800 square meters, the wall repair refresh 3440m, Road warning guardrail 150m, the new standard 15 sets, the new convex mirror 2, buried flat tube culvert 2.

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