The Highway Authority is actively working on the road maintenance work in bad weather

August 26, the provincial transportation department of party members, provincial highway bureau Wan Zhenjiang led the provincial highway bureau of the relevant person in charge of the investigation, Ankang City, general trunk road maintenance management and dangerous bridge renovation work. Ankang City,Road Router Crack
Xunyang County Government-related leaders and Ankang City Transportation Bureau, Highway Authority is responsible for comrades to accompany research.

Wan Zhenjiang and his party have visited the 316 National Road Xunhe Bridge reconstruction project, the unicorn ditch to Xunyang highway secondary highway reconstruction project in the ditch bridge construction site,[url=]asphalt pulverizer dealers[/url] 316 State Road Gongjiawan landslide treatment, Shu River Han River Bridge management and the town Crossing the bridge scene. Wanchang asked the road transport department of Ankang City to keep the construction of Qinba Mountain comprehensive transportation hub target, speed up the improvement of traffic network, improve the level of transport services, and better promote regional economic development, leading the masses out of poverty to become well-off.

Wanzheng stressed: First, the river bridge is Xunyang county regional economic development, one of the important channel, is the livelihood of the project, smooth project, to further scientific planning, co-ordination arrangements, adhere to the project to speed up the design and high standard construction work as a guarantee and Improve the local people's living standards of an important means to comprehensively solve the local people travel and transportation and other issues. Second, the construction of the ditch bridge and Gongjiawan landslide treatment project to further increase the intensity of work,[url=]road equipment for sale in turkey[/url] closely linked to quality, safety, progress and target management and other important nodes, strict management of quality assurance, multi-measures both grab the construction period, adhere to fine management, Standardized construction, scientific implementation, and efficient promotion.

Third, the Shu River Hanjiang Bridge to further strengthen the on-site safety management, regular testing, strengthen control, to invite the provincial expert group site research and design and construction programs, multi-optimization, and strengthen communication with local governments to form a consensus and early to determine the construction program. Fourth, the project should speed up the work process, to better serve the development of urban and rural areas,[url=]asphalt crack sealing machine for sale[/url] to strengthen the road to build awareness, give full consideration to the terrain along the geological and urban planning, and further enhance the comprehensive capacity of transport services.

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