the world floor pavement materials

the world floor pavement materials exhibition, the Chicago city of the city bathroom and kitchen, table supplies exhibition, won the favor of customers and the public. Floor brush paint after the "wave" dealer compensation 6,000 yuan Zhangjiagang City, the town of Mr. Wang did not think that his home on the floor after the paint even "wave".
He began to find a paint dealer, the other party does not buy it, said the paint workers are poor technology. However, in the face of the fact that iron, dealers can no longer refuse. Not long ago, Mr. Wang at home to engage in decoration, spend more than 3,000 yuan in a paint shop to buy a brand floor paint. But when these paint brush to the floor,
Mr. Wang has found the floor appeared in many uneven phenomenon, like a "ripple." At first, Mr. Wang thought it was decoration workers brushing is not in place, so let them re-brush twice, but the results are the same. At this time, Mr. Wang began to suspect that there is a problem with the quality of paint, to find the dealer.
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