Xunwu Highway Bureau to maintain the winter machinery health

The recent gradual decline in temperature, antifreeze and warm work to become the fourth quarter of one of the company's key work. In early November, Fuxing Road tunnel and other facilities of the maintenance unit will be revised "anti-freeze and snow emergency project (revised version of 2016)" issued to the team,[url=http://chipspreadermarket.com/Intelligent-roller/6565.html]moscow asphalt paving and supply[/url] requiring departments to organize staff to learn.

 At present, has been completed under the jurisdiction of the facilities of the fire pipe inspection, check the pipe support is solid, corrugated pipe connection is intact; on the management center building, work wells and the tunnel under the jurisdiction of the fire adapter,[url=http://chipspreadermarket.com/road/4856.html]list of road construction machineries[/url] fire hydrant sacks Dressing work; on the top of the management center of the pipeline insulation measures; the tunnel leaks were checked; salt spray and other anti-freeze and snow equipment maintenance and testing machine to ensure that equipment is available.

In the daily work, to strengthen the inspection efforts, the tunnel fire pipe, leakage of water to check the situation; emergency storage of emergency shelter in the emergency storage of emergency supplies, inventory and supplement to ensure adequate freezing and cooling emergency supplies; "Antifreeze snow emergency project" content and carried out a desktop deduction, to improve staff emergency response capacity. Requirements of the departments to improve the quality of inspection, inspection work to be all-round, full coverage, no dead ends,[url=http://chipspreadermarket.com/road/611.html]using asphalt millings for driveway[/url] inspection results required to fill in the inspection records, and reported to the information center, the abnormal situation to be timely report on the total duty. Stressed that all staff should attach great importance to actively do a good job of anti-freeze and warm work to ensure that the safety of the facilities under the jurisdiction of smooth.

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