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This fragment of a shale bracelet dates to the Roman London era."Shale outcrops in Dorset were extensively exploited in the Roman period, and items of jewelry, particularly bracelets, are fairly common finds, at least across southern England (in northern England jet was more commonly used)," Pippa Bradley, senior post excavation manager at Wessex, explained."The processing of wheat harvested from the drier land around the valley, and the milling of the grain to make flour, was probably the most important economic activity in the valley from the late Saxon to the post medieval period, with eight tidal watermills in Stratford by Domesday," Powell said. "Bread would have been the main staple of the medieval peasant's diet."18th Century Iron ToolsThese three iron tools include, from left to right, a curved blade, a chisel and a pointing trowel.Powell explained said that "the site has seen a series of major transformations of the landscape from early prehistoric wild river landscape, to late prehistoric enclosed farmed and settled landscape, to early historic landscape of marshland and mills, Victorian infrastructure and industrial landscape, followed by post war." He added, "The renewed interest in the area through the building of the Olympic Park regenerates the landscape and the area."19th Century bottlesDomestic refuse, such as these bottles and other objects, help to illuminate the daily lives of the inhabitants of east London during the 19th and 20th centuries."Pottery and glass containers were used for foodstuffs (beverages, sauces, preserves), pharmaceutical products (medicines, cosmetics) and household goods (ink, cleaning products)," Bradley said.Proprietary marks reveal the manufacturers, and therefore the sources of supply.

Nerd Corps's Mr. Faier says only about 1 per cent of service studios ever succeed on the creative side. For the study, Tang's team collected data on 36,282 postmenopausal women, 50 to 79 years old, who took part in the Women's Health Initiative study. As part of a test to see if calcium plus vitamin D had any effect on hip fractures or colon cancer, the women were randomly assigned to take supplements or placebo..
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