Jet repair pits

If you often use fast-setting emulsions and modified polymer emulsions, you can make the repair of the pits with relatively high strength, or in winter conditions, faster repair pavement potholes. The DURAPATCHER device is used to repair pavement pits, and the equipment can also repair road cracks.
The sticky oil is a coating layer between the seal or between the pavement with cracks and other pavement, which can extend the service life by 5 to 8 years. And it can also eliminate the reflection of cracks (especially cement treatment or regeneration of the road), the use of this complete conservation system, can reduce the cost of reconstruction more than half. With this method, the new pavement can be effectively treated.
The main feature of the economical jet potholes is that the production and output are relatively easy, and the daily repair of the pits requires 2300L of emulsion and 20 tons of other materials, requiring two people and one machine. The application of this method has significant economic benefits. In terms of road repair, to ensure the smooth flow of the road, to a large extent dependent on the repair of the potholes and potholes in the more difficult time to complete the repair. If the road has been particularly humid, then the repair of the pits can be said to be a waste
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