building waterproof emulsion

A new generation of environmentally friendly building waterproof emulsion In the field of roofing, Dow has designed a paint solution for roof protection and energy saving. The acrylic coating solution for roof renovation, substrate [url=]where to buy the cheapest american plastic decking in the uk[/url] maintenance, with excellent anti-UV aging performance, suitable for a variety of roofing materials and also has a waterproof function, to extend the roof life of 5 - 10 years.

At the same time, the coating can reduce the energy cost [url=]outdoor fence out of backer board[/url] by reducing the energy consumption, reduce the urban heat island effect, and make the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) more efficient and provide comfortable space by reflecting the solar energy.

Before the renovation, the roofing of the building is rich in Xinjiang national characteristics of the dome, the original roofing asphalt membrane, in the long-term sunlight [url=]villa complex windbreak panels[/url] not only the membrane has begun to aging, frequent leakage of water, and the roof can not effectively block the heat. Dow uses the Dow Pure Acrylic Elastic Reflective Roofing Solution directly on the old roof of the building roof to solve the roof leakage and energy saving requirements. Customers directly brushing, no need to remove the old asphalt, saving the overall cost of roofing, and to meet [url=]Outdoor Waterproof Floor - Shanghai Seven Trust[/url] energy-saving requirements. Waterproof emulsion technology development platform.

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