Small roller knowledge of safe operation

Asphalt emulsion is using the high shear and chemically treated to achieve the asphalt particles separated from the water to form a slurry or suspension, meaning asphalt emulsion. After the asphalt emulsion,it reduce viscosity and increase wetting.Water content of emulsified asphalt is low, it can rapidly solidified asphalt; road repair time is short,[url=]asphalt chip spreaders bahrain[/url] quick recovery transportation; good performance and uniform mixture; road maintenance cost is low; less energy consumption. Therefore, the key lies in emulsified asphalt production equipment is to improve emulsified asphalt bitumen content.

1.Produce of pavement asphalt emulsion,Produce and processing of emulsified asphalt, bitumen content of the emulsion is a very important indicator. Design and production of asphalt emulsion should be considered in addition to the type and characteristics and select chemical stabilizers,[url=]sealant for cracks in asphalt[/url] mainly to choose a reliable, high-performance asphalt emulsion manufacturing equipment.

2. Storage and transportation equipment of emulsified asphalt,Transportation of emulsified asphalt is very simple, but need to understand the method of producing emulsified asphalt, follow certain operating methods. Emulsified asphalt transport and use should be carried out on a dedicated device. Pumps and storage circulation pump design is similar. Pump suction transport is a method of emulsified asphalt. Typically,[url=]road work machines bulk price[/url] the pump suction procedure will be cut in the extrusion or emulsified asphalt, emulsified asphalt which makes the destruction of the original structure. If this phenomenon is serious, emulsified asphalt will occur flocculation and agglomeration into coarse particles, and even into asphalt.

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