Warm asphalt technology Xi'an "test the water"

Energy-saving, diluted asphalt kerosene or gasoline content can reach 50%, while the emulsified asphalt is only 0 ~ 2%. Therefore, this is a conservation of white fuel production has important value in the conservation behavior, just rely on the increase in light oil solvent to reduce the viscosity of asphalt standards, asphalt can be watered and spread, and hope that after the use of light oil Volatile into the atmosphere. In fact, if the light oil can not be volatile, then the asphalt is too soft, under the action of traffic load, the road surface may be oil or deformation. The emulsions are compared with light oil with the same solids. The results are as follows:
Light oil (light asphalt): 1L paving with the processing of light asphalt requires about 700KJ of energy, coupled with the increase in the energy of the cutter, that is, 40000KJ / L, the production of such 1L60% light asphalt emulsion set the entire energy The demand is:
Multipurpose emulsified asphalt has a variety of application methods, the application should choose the appropriate method, because they have a very wide range of applications. Also set the emulsion can not only cover a large area of ??the cover, but also can be used to carry out a small range of pit repair work. Because they can be stored in the tank for a long time, in remote areas, it is very easy to apply them with rollers.
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