Surface treatment

Asphalt anti-aging treatment is the asphalt concrete pavement recycled sealant on the asphalt pavement, penetrate the asphalt concrete pavement surface 15mm thick, sealed pavement to prevent rainwater infiltration, reduce the asphalt concrete pavement aging and brittleness, enhance the softness of the road and Flexibility, and thus extend the road life. Asphalt concrete pavement regeneration sealant referred to as leaching regeneration, from coal tar, petroleum distillate, renewable agent by a certain proportion of mixed semi-liquid products, with a strong permeability. Applicable to asphalt aging pavement and slightly loose pavement.
Crack treatment, crack treatment is routine, economical preventive maintenance measures. Can effectively fill the asphalt pavement cracks, greatly reducing the formation of pits and cracks in the further development of other diseases induced. Treatment methods are sticky anti-seepage film, filling, filling, T slot hot fill, hot fill fill. Crack treatment techniques are effective at the right time and on the right road, extending the road for two years or even longer.
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