Asphalt pavement on - site thermal regeneration construction quality control essentials

1. preparatory work preparation stage need to do the construction section of the traffic control, asphalt pavement deep disease pre-treatment,[url=]affordable hydraulic breakers[/url] material reserves, equipment debugging and personnel in place and so on. With two pavement heating machine on the damaged asphalt pavement for a large area of ​​continuous heating. The average temperature of the pavement is 120 ℃, which satisfies the requirements of regeneration construction to ensure that the aggregate will not be broken when the next step is finished.

2. Hot asphalt pavement milling, with heated milling machine on the preheated asphalt pavement reheating, preheating machine and heating milling machine through the heating, asphalt pavement heating depth can reach 37-50mm deep, and then side milling Planing aggregate, and according to the design requirements to add renewable agent, milling and pave the road and mix the formation of embankment pile,[url=]asphalt distributor 12000l company[/url] and then collected into the heating mixer. New and old materials are mixed and mixed, the new asphalt mixture is unloaded into the receiving hopper of the heating compound mixer by the dump truck, and the addition of the old and the old asphalt mixture is completed continuously by the heating compound mixer, the mixing of the mixture is carried out, , Aggregate, feeding, mixing and other items of the process. The heated old mix is ​​thoroughly mixed with the regenerant, the new mix or the new aggregate in a mixing pan to form the final paving mixture, which is automatically proportionally controlled and matched to the agitation and paving functions The Equipment-specific late mixing, drying, heating process design, to ensure that the old material and the new mixture of the full heating, excluding the old mixture of moisture, improve the quality of operations.

3. The paving compaction and regeneration of the new asphalt mixture are discharged from the 6-meter paver hopper by a heated mixer, paving the new asphalt mixture on the asphalt pavement with a paver and then rolling with a roller. Paving process and the general new pavement above the pavement process is basically the same, rolling according to the test to determine the rolling process, and do seam joints at the work. Open traffic, rolling process after the end of the road to the temperature below 40 ℃ before opening the traffic. According to the construction experience,[url=]concrete crack filler sealant[/url] generally in the construction of the second day after the opening of traffic is more appropriate. After the construction of the road, to completely remove the road debris, shall not leave any debris and hidden dangers.

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