Wiel Coerver complained this bug on FIFA

And Wiel Coerver complained this bug on buy fifa 17 coins Forum:

" I even have Associate in Nursing inform in my team , then opponent the conventional version, then the conventional version conjointly get the stats of the Infrom version.

I checked some times currently, and as excample the last match this guy had traditional mane and schmeichel , i had OTW Mane and eighty six Schmeichel. Then i checked the player ratings throughout and once the match.... all his players ratings wherever traditional. however his Mane and Schmeichel had the ratings of the IF.

Also happend in Associate in Nursing different match the guy had traditional Kante and that i had OTW Kante , his Kante had the upper rating conjointly. "
For obtaining any confirmed, he did additional testing by enjoying a disciple squad sort of match in FUT:

If this awful bug is real, it's definitely happened various times to the terribly prime players in FUT Champions and can have an effect on next Week League if Semitic deity buy cheap fifa 17 coins Sports cannot fix it on time. we'll keep our eyes on the bug and update the newest news concerning it for you. keep Tuned!
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