The Effect of Pavement Hair Dryer on Pavement Maintenance

Recently, DOAN Machinery Co., Ltd. SUM720YS asphalt concrete paver for the first time in Jingmen City, Hubei Province Shayang County, 6.5cm thick asphalt mixture paving construction, its reliable performance and paving quality has been the user's affirmation. Buy this SUM720YS paver Qichun County integrity Machinery Co., Ltd., DOAN machinery products are the old users. The end of March this year to participate in the company's product launches,[url=]affordable slot repair machine[/url] the company once again purchased the Shaanxi Jian machinery new off the assembly line SUM720YS a paver.

SUM720YS type asphalt concrete paver basic paving width of 2.55 ~ 5 meters, the maximum paving width of 7.5 meters. Equipped with a single tamping hammer heating hydraulic scalable screed, the construction can immediately change the width of the paving to meet the intersection of the junction of the construction of its high-strength rammer and hydraulic vibration combination to meet the higher density of paving requirements; Intelligent electric control gas heating system and ultrasonic automatic leveling system can achieve the ideal paving smoothness and uniformity; its 15 tons of large capacity hopper makes the continuous paving operation longer,[url=]heavy equipment in construction kuwait[/url] more easy to construction; its intelligent operating system and telescopic ceiling The configuration also increases the comfort of the operator in hot weather, providing assurance of paving quality from all sides.

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