Size is not accurate glass

Size is not accurate glass installed in the hidden frame glass curtain wall, the plastic width is uneven, difficult to control the quality of glue, the provisions of the provisions of the hidden frame glass curtain wall glass patchwork width should not be less than 15mm, so as to ensure that the patchwork gap to meet the curtain wall Earthquakes, temperature changes produce interlayer displacement requirements, and will not squeeze the glass.Using 2x6 Material for Bench Seating

glass is not edge chamfer chamfering treatment, used as curtain wall material when the glass is prone to stress concentration, resulting in dark or blew, there are hidden dangers.
1.4, construction aluminum frame (entry "frame" by the industry Encyclopedia) installation, not according to standard operation, did not grasp the quality, level, vertical, diagonal and straight line exceeded, directly affect the curtain wall Physical performance.Composite Teak and Holly Board North America

weathering silicone sealant construction is not dense, lax or length or width than does not meet the specifications. do not attach importance to the construction conditions of sealant. More rain in the south, such as forced construction in the rainy season weather sealant, can not guarantee the quality of the seal.6" bender board sale

Structural glue construction also has a certain temperature, humidity conditions, must pay attention. Seal tape size does not meet or use low-quality materials, quickly loose or aging, loss of sealing waterproof (entry "waterproof" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) function.composite wood decking manufacturers in egypt

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