The main features of the automotivedrivingbelt V Belt China

The main features of the V Belt China multi-channel are as follows: 1. Transmission power, the same space than the ordinary V-band drive power 30% higher. 2. The drive system is compact, and in the case of the same transmission power, the transfer device occupies 25% less space than the normal V-belt. 3. With thin body, soft, to adapt to the pulley diameter of the small drive, but also to adapt to high-speed transmission, belt speed up to 40m / s; vibration small, less heat, smooth operation. 4. Heat, oil, wear, the use of elongation is small, long life.

1. prevent oil spills

Offset in the course of the use of oil spills will inevitably occur, the ribbed belt is corrosion-resistant, but the oil spill phenomenon if not completely resolved, the belt immersed in oil for a long time, will have some adverse effects, resulting in belt delamination, Vulcanization when the laminated up the cloth, glue and strong core material, in the oil, gasoline immersion under the action of separation, resulting in the belt scrapped. Even if the import belt is also difficult to escape. So to make the ribbed belt durable, first of all to fundamentally solve or reduce the phenomenon of oil spills.

2. Make sure the pulley is on the same line

The new belt in the leather process, to ensure that two multi-wedge pulley in the same line. V-ribbed belt is different from the timing belt, is the use of longitudinal teeth meshing drive, installation slightly deviated, it will damage the belt surface, until the tooth surface serious wear and tear, teeth, teeth.

3. Tension is moderate

During the installation process, the tension of the belt should be moderate, the belt installation is too tight, the noise increases when running, but also exacerbates the wear and Timing Belt Company elongation of the belt, once the belt tension limit will break.

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