Italy and France in Barry for a affable match

Italy Prime Minister Lenzi said: "he asked me to advanced his stop admirers booed the French Civic Canticle acknowledgment to Buffon."On Thursday, Italy and France in Barry for a affable match, some admirers booed in amphitheatre the French civic anthem. Italy captain Buffon led the applause, acclaim let a lot of fifa 17 ultimate coins admirers abounding the baby allotment of the fans. This move has won the accepted acclaim of the French media, the French top is aswell actual happy.

Italy Prime Minister Lenzi is China at the G20 summit, he said in an interview: "today's talks, the French Admiral Hollande to acknowledge me, acknowledge Buffon advance the applause, acclaim over boos act. Sports should be a complete attitude, Captain Buffon accepted this point, I anticipate all the Italians will be appreciative of Buffon. Our ethics than just apperceive fifa 17 ultimate team coins humans booed a lot better."

Barcelona clearly arise Messi's abrasion report, accustomed that Messi still adductor beef pain, will abate the training amount in the next few days. And afresh whether to play to see the admeasurement of his injuries.Messi alternate to Barcelona from the civic aggregation on Sunday, and underwent a medical fifa 17 points assay on Monday.

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