Solid wood floor purchase method?

First look at the tile floor, tiles are made of high-temperature processing of high-temperature materials coupled with a certain glaze from the firing. After the high-tech made of tiles can be waterproof, anti-oil, fire, moisture and can also play the role of landscaping. The use of tiles to do the floor to handle it easier, there is nothing clean place to take a water can be a rub, and tiles with cement paste on the floor can be, and will not produce any harmful gases, there will be no special needs Note that the tiles of the current technology is also doing a good job, so the tiles are very worrying with them. Decoration as long as the choice of decoration style consistent with the color or pattern on it. Tiles in addition to worry and function more, the price is not expensive, all kinds of low-grade, and the choice of space is relatively large, you can use a variety of colors and shapes of the tiles to make the room more vivid.

What are the benefits of wood flooring? Many people like to walk at home barefoot, that wood floor is a good choice, it does not like the tiles as a cold feeling, will make the feet more comfortable, even lying on top, sitting on the top will not have any discomfort a feeling of. The use of wood flooring to reduce the friction between the shoes and wood, and wood materials do not sound, even in the upstairs what big moves, downstairs people will not feel strong, you can cut off the sound, let the room live Up more calm, people feel more relaxed.

The use of wood flooring in the winter will feel its heat transfer is more uniform, so that the temperature of the whole room is uniform. In the installation of wood when the floor is also more convenient, effort, customers can save some labor costs. But the high-end wood flooring prices are still not cheap, but also need to pay for care.

Whether it is in the end is the wooden floor or ceramic tile in the end is good or good tiles, also need to see how to choose their own, in particular, choose which of the two flooring materials, it needs to see the actual situation of consumers themselves.

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