Recycling of waste asphalt

Mechanization: China's existing more than 300 enterprises to build road maintenance machinery, a single overall, the current domestic varieties of conservation machinery, incomplete specifications, low level of technology Developed countries have long carried out the construction of the road construction, while conservation management work also keep up with the pace of construction. As the conservation work done well, although many highways have been used for nearly half a century, single still maintain a good use of the state. Developed countries re-road maintenance and management have a better quality assurance system, the general resume of the road maintenance computer management system, and equipped with advanced conservation machinery. And then continue to develop conservation machinery colleagues, pay attention to conservation of construction technology and conservation materials research and development work. In recent years, developed countries pay more attention to the construction of conservation management system, the use of road traffic diagnostic testing, assessment equipment and other conservation assistance system to achieve the automatic detection of highway conditions and data collection, resume road information management database, Dynamic management, to achieve the purpose of prevention-oriented conservation.

Environmental protection: In recent years, the road maintenance machinery environmental performance requirements are getting higher and higher, asphalt pavement regeneration equipment development has become the road maintenance equipment manufacturing industry development imperative. Emulsified Asphalt Slurry Sealing Equipment China told more than 90% of the roads on the road asphalt pavement. In accordance with the design life of asphalt pavement for 15 to 20 years, 20 test machine after 90 years after the completion of the highway has entered the large, repair period. If the asphalt pavement before no damage to take the necessary preventive maintenance measures - emulsified asphalt slurry seal will make the old road a new look, and the maintenance of the road with a waterproof, anti-skid, wear and other characteristics, emulsified asphalt thin The pulp seal acts as an extension of the service life of the road.

Asphalt pavement regeneration equipment in the future each year there will be 12% of the asphalt pavement needs renovation, the old asphalt waste will reach 2.2 million tons per year, asphalt pavement regeneration should cause enough attention. China now has a number of far-sighted enterprises and experts, with its strong sense of responsibility for the asphalt pavement regeneration carried out a lot of technical exploration and try.

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