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bathroom cabinet, you will have a measure of the heart. How HeGII bathroom cabinet product features and advantages and disadvantages: HeGII unique design novel Halfmoon bathroom cabinet series, from the main cabinet handle, on the stage of the basin, to the cabinet mirror, take Crescent as the main design element, to achieve the visual effect of the resonance. The main cabinet handles the clever application of the circular splicing process line on the panels with appropriate benefits, the whole design is

delicate and charming, all blend into one harmonious whole, exudes a stylish youthful atmosphere, very suitable for small and medium-sized apartment layout, use of modern fashion of young people with petty bourgeoisie. Product information: Brand: HeGII bathroom type: HGM1421 color: white light table: quartz stone cabinet cabinet: 750x450x610mm: 750x120x550mm: 430x430x210mm ceramic basin suggest Collocation: bath mirror and leading storage rack combination HL-2500-36 3 Moon echoes to the

visual effect of the resonance round together and there is no lack of HeGII smart bathroom counter basin the cabinet and white elegant comments: HeGII bathroom cabinet adopts the combined wall style design, fashionable chic, a variety of arc curve and a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, irregular combination collocation make bathroom cabinet simple but not dull, personality and looks comfortable, plain white color but with a hint of elegance, showing a delicate. The whole bathroom cabinet as the name of

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