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The concrete beam and steel beam are constructed with the overall structure of the non - expansion joints. The details of the structure of the structure is only a basic skeleton, but also can not reflect the other design aspects of the important details. The detailed construction is only intended to give a basic concept and impression to the people who first came into contact with the bridge without expansion joints. It is not possible to describe and describe this in more detail in this article, which we will discuss further in the following discussion. But the initial understanding of these details of the structure for a comprehensive understanding of the performance of non-expansion joints bridge, integrity and durability will be of great help.

The effect of creep The rate of strain caused by creep depends on the span of the upper structure, the age at which the concrete is subjected to the load, the duration of the load, the mass of the concrete, the surrounding temperature, and the shape of the concrete. In this paper, the effective elastic modulus method is used to analyze the effect of creep on the non-telescopic bridge of small-span, steel-concrete composite beams.

The results show that the existence of creep can reduce the tensile stress at the abutment and pier top, but also increase the compressive stress at the lower edge of the steel stringer (less than 10% of the stress caused by dead load, Structural forces exert a detrimental effect). Therefore, in the design of small-span, steel-concrete composite beam of the bridge without expansion joints can not consider the impact of creep.

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