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windows and toilet ware should not be at the expense of energy and water at the cost of. Eight. Look for sustainable timber supply to use wood from well managed forests to avoid cutting wood in virgin forests. Nine, avoid the use of solvent type materials will release pollutants of coatings, adhesives, carpet, particleboard and many other building products may release formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds, the body of these substances to workers and residents' health hazards. Ten, to minimize the use of

pressure treated wood, where possible, the use of natural wood substitutes plastic wood instead of natural wood. When the workers on the pressure treated wood sawing operation, should take some protective measures. Sawdust must not be burned. Minimize packaging waste to avoid excessive packaging. However, it is also necessary to ensure that the packaging is carefully packed to avoid damage.Do the decoration budget is an important step in home improvement, if you do the decoration budget, in the

purchase of building materials will not blindly buy consumption, the high price of building materials, if you do not do the decoration budget, is likely to lead to your decoration because when money is spent, and halfway shut down, I believe this is all the owners do not want to see how can we do the decoration budget? The small house and everyone together to learn how to do the decoration budget. First, to determine the decoration materials used to do the decoration budget, we must first know the decoration

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