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box, not more than 20m. There are two bending between two boxes, not more than 15m. The three turn between the two connection box, not more than 8m. The piping between two boxes are not allowed four bends. Three, each 1 terminal box with the distribution box (piping) behind a junction box (first piping). Distribution box 2 junction box is generally 3 junction box, terminal box generally only terminals, no components, such as branch junction box, junction box 4 equipotential earthing terminal board is a

terminal board 5.LEB ground terminal box is local equipotential connection box is generally small, the inside of the terminal board the terminal is also very small, rarely 6 grounding jumper is used in each segment, such as the bridge between wire pipe break interface electrical auxiliary with China Unicom has potential conduction effect, not through the current 7 normal disconnect card is used in lightning protection and grounding on, generally used in artificial grounding the line is mainly for measuring grounding

resistance of the grounding and artificial grounding off, which is convenient for accurately measuring the grounding resistance. Four, cable head 1, cable head according to the production and installation of materials can be divided into heat shrinkable (currently most commonly used) and dry bag type and epoxy type, now commonly used heat shrinkable cable above 70mm2, is actually used to shrink head, a thermal head in the tens of dollars to a hundred dollars that is the socalled gloves shape like a glove, the

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