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"We believe that the main focus is on three aspects: one is the large investment in water conservancy projects (more than 800 billion in 2015 compared to less than 500 billion in 2014); the second is to pay attention to the expression of 'emerging formats' and 'Internet +' Of the plan, new technology and business model-driven development strategy to enhance the status; Third, from the text, the government report on the energy-saving environmental protection as well as health care more content. "Intermediation Fund also recommended industry topics, including agriculture, Mobile Internet, energy saving and environmental protection as well as medical and health, the overall content of the report is relatively good growth in emerging industries.
In the regional planning, the intermediation fund that the relevant policy content in line with expectations, that is, "along the way" of the building, the Yangtze River economic zone and integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, taking into account the "one by one" construction and regional development and opening up "The requirements of the Yangtze River economic belt theme seems more worthy of attention, is expected to Yangtze River waterway construction and industrial gradient transfer or speed up.
What are the key emerging industries?
For this year's government work report, investment macro analysis, said the report GDP growth rate down to 7%, CPI growth rate down to 3%, investment, consumption, import and export and money supply and other indicators of the target growth rate also has varying degrees Down. It is noteworthy that this year, with particular emphasis on "energy intensity" concept, and said to "lay energy-saving emission reduction and environmental governance battle." Analysts said the new formulation or will further benefit environmental protection stocks.
In the context of the slowdown in economic targets, the target for new jobs in 2015 will be in line with 2014 and the number of college graduates will reach 7.49 million. China Merchants macro believes that this means that macroeconomic policies need to be more active.
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