Over the past year revealed the big trend! 2017 furniture must see!

2016 Beijing Morning News on consumer satisfaction survey results show that 62.9% of consumers tend to whole house home customization, this strong demand with the manufacturers of the publicity to the market suddenly hot up. According to incomplete statistics, the whole house custom business annual growth rate of more than 30%, has also become a new furniture industry "outlet."

But this is another controversial proposition. First, "consumers need not need to customize the whole house." The furniture industry has become a "fixed furniture" in China, and the whole house custom furniture can not be mass customization, and it is not necessary to customize all the sofa, dinette and so on.

Second is that it can become a real outlet? The whole house is designed to customize the soul, so that the appearance and function of the product to achieve the effect of customization of consumers, not just a purely technical level can solve the problem. And most of the home business, do not have such a key ability. Any kind of trend has a life cycle, do not know this time the whole house custom trend will last long.

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