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75 yuan. Including tijiaxian, 600*600 general Seiko Bohuazhuan, if you want to select some brands may be expensive. Accessories for 325.5 ordinary cement, white cement, sand, the 108 glue, because there will be cut brick, damaged, etc., so the floor area should be increased by 3%8%. 4, balcony wall tiles about 60 yuan per square meter. 5, the wall coating paint Meichao and Dulux, 26 yuan per square meter. Tip: if you use a primer mode, you can use 821, if not, then do not use 821 putty, because blistering

off large particles. 6, bathroom equipment about 2500 yuan each. Toilet, wash basin, faucet, bath suite, mirrors, boxes, soap box, towel bar, tray, floor drain, yuba. Tips: now the market has some relatively inexpensive Wei, but the quality is quite poor, it is recommended not to use too cheap. Recommendation: Artaud, American Standard sanitary ware, kitchen cabinets, 7 Arrow per meter of about 900 yuan. Crystal board, acrylic paint, etc., but not including the brand, there is a leader, pool. 8, set the door to

recommend the use of composite solid wood will be some, each about 950 yuan. Including Tupper Door Lock, thickened hinge, door stopper. Tip: if the density plate is not because of funding problems do not recommend the use of veneer door, not too strong, if you must use three sets of hinge can be used, but also can keep a better use. 9, the use of laminate flooring composite about 70 yuan per square meter. If you want to with the ground level up, you can use self leveling cement or treasure, per square

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