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pollution. Proprietary production process, the wood fiber chopped and dispersed, and was plastic resin wrapped into a capsule, the result is to generate a strong durable products. Anti-bacterial, anti-moth and natural resistance to aging, extrusion hollow profile and hard T-type skeleton, not only light weight and increased load, reducing installation time, eliminating the pressure and rebound rebound problem. Environmental protection and conservation of new products on the use of wood-plastic railings Many people have asked

what is wood-plastic railings, how not heard of also strange, it is normal, because it is new products in foreign countries have not yet been popularized to the majority Of the family, the domestic use of the people gradually increased, because it's a lot of advantages, is bound to win in the competition, then the wood-plastic railings have to say which advantages? Small series to give you a brief introduction to it: First of all, it looks beautiful, although it is not wood, but its texture is very beautiful, natural. There are scars on the top of the

wood, but it does not, and its stability is higher than the wood, no cracks, will not be deformed and tilted, its color is also a lot, do not have another color, its color retention time Very long, very shiny fresh does not change color. Second, it's a lot of physical properties, such as hardness is very high, and not as slippery floor tiles, especially children and the elderly if the decoration is very dangerous to use the floor tile, once slipped to the consequences are serious, but the wood Plastic railing is different, it is non-slip, and give the family

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