Rubber synchronous gravel seal car

(1) before the construction of the seal layer, the top of the grassroots should be thoroughly cleaned, especially the bridge and culverts, channel surface, be sure to remove mortar and other debris, keep clean, and maintain the appropriate humidity, qualified by the supervision and inspection Afterwards. Cleaning the best with a sweep machine to complete, local to rinse with water. Elevation of the pass rate of not less than 85%, flatness to meet the requirements.

(2) climatic conditions: sprinkling asphalt material temperature can not be less than 15 ℃, and is stable and rising temperature, moderate wind speed, fog or rain should not be construction.

(3) the amount of oil and the amount of gravel: asphalt sprinkler a (good performance, sprinkle evenly, sprinkle the amount of accurate), according to the provisions of the amount of sprinkling asphalt, stone spread sprinkler should be used. The first spray concentration of 35% of the emulsified asphalt to strengthen the penetration of emulsified asphalt dosage of 1.0-1.2kg / ㎡; C25,3 (S) not less than 8.5; the second sprinkler concentration of 50% emulsified asphalt, the amount 1.0-2.2kg / ㎡; C25,5 (S) not less than 13. twice the interval to the first sprinkling of emulsified asphalt demulsified non-stick tires is appropriate, the second sprinkling emulsified asphalt after breaking Immediately rubbed gravel, the amount of gravel 4-5m3 / 1000 ㎡, gravel coverage of about 80%, the particle size 3-8mm, and light roller crush 1-2 times, emulsified asphalt sprinkler temperature should not be less than 50 ° C. After the first sprinkling, should strictly control the passage of all vehicles, the second and after the gravel, should be strictly in accordance with JTJ034-94 "road asphalt pavement technical specifications" requirements. Cement crushed stone in the 7-day health period is prohibited all vehicles, even if the health period beyond 7 days should also control the traffic, prohibit non-construction vehicles, while ensuring that the cover does not cause a variety of pollution.

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