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The sacrifice of the four constables at Rochfort Bridge stands in its rarity as a monument and a tribute to the civil society of trust, communication and acceptance of diversity that the Mounted Police of Canada have had a powerful hand in building over the century and a quarter of their existence. The national outpouring of love and respect that followed the deaths at Rochfort Bridge makes clear that despite this moment of violence, the Canadian experiment in 'peace, order and good government'5 has been a tremendous success. As the wellknown Newfoundland scholar and journalist Rex Murphy commented the day after the shootings:.

Natalie loves it and once in a while we play with it on the kitchen table. She likes anything that is tiny just like her Mom. Next year I want to finish another dollhouse for her that I started last year but this one is bigger. Willis Road, Tahlequah. Feb. 16, Wells Middle School, 2000 S.

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