This technique is very effective on the wings

1. Okocha Sombrero Flick (Standing)

This is the new possibility for fifa 17 ios coins players with 5 stars dribble. The Sombrero Flick is straightforward to perform, and it will produce lovely actuation. To perform this move, you ought to purpose and hold the proper Stick within the direction that your players is facing.

2. Stepover

To use the Stepover, move the proper analog continue the proper or left, so directly toward the chest of the player. it's necessary to be with the player stopped.

3. The arduous Stop

Lots of fifa 17 pc coins players can use "sprint buttons" once they attack, therefore if you'll be able to add this to your game, you’ll go way.

This technique is very effective on the wings after you square measure running with a pacey player, like Hazard or Willian. you'll be able to throw this move along in combos, then sprint within the same direction, arduous stop once more, so go back.
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