How this bride scored a $5000 wedding dress for just $350

For NSW bride Fran, whose fiancé Roeloff had aspirations of spending a total of just $3000 for their big day (um, what now?), it's a dilemma she knows all too well.

"I think it’s a complete rip off, I’ve set a budget of about $3000 for the wedding in total," says Roeloff.

“If money was no object I’d have a stupid, luxurious, lavish wedding, absolutely,” Fran says on Channel 7’s Australia’s Cheapest Weddings.

And if there's one thing Fran hates having to skimp on, it's what she's wearing down the aisle.

"My formal dresses would be the most important thing of my wedding," she explains. "I think if I didn’t like my dress, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my day as much.

Fran took a chance with her budget wedding dress.

With Fran having her heart set on a “poufy princess dress” for her big day, there was only one thing for her to do – trawl the internet.

“The dress was going to be $5000 if I was had gotten the original, but I found it online for $350,” says Fran.

Fran admits her dress was one of the most important aspects of her big day. Image: Seven

But if endless returns to ASOS have taught us anything, buying clothes online – let alone your wedding dress – is a frustrating game of fashion Russian roulette.

"I’m really quite nervous about how the dress will turn out," says Fran. "I’ve heard nightmare stories that dresses ordered over the internet don’t fit the bride properly, and look a little bit cheap and nasty.”

Judging by the groom's face, he's a big fan of the budget dress too. Image: Seven

Luckily for her, the formal dresses uk was everything she wanted, and with Fran’s brother a florist, her mother a marriage celebrant and the wedding held on her parents' “big beautiful property” just outside of Byron Bay, Roeloff’s insane budget might have just been achievable after all!

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