Where to Buy Good Maternity Clothes

With all the stress — emotional, physical, and financial — that goes into planning for a baby, acquiring a new wardrobe that doesn’t suck shouldn’t have to be the chief concern. But unfortunately, maternity clothing isn’t exactly the most exciting of shopping departments, particularly because a lot of it is hideous and very expensive.

We asked a handful of women who either are or have been pregnant to tell us what brands are great, which ones you should avoid, and what to expect, clothing-wise, postpartum.

The best-made, most comfortable, and cutest maternity clothes I own are all from Hatch. I love the The Longsleeve Tee ($98) and the Perfect V Tee ($88). My BEST maternity purchase was their Night Out Leggings ($148), which are insanely comfortable and sexy. ​(Since they’re so crazy expensive, I waited for Shopbop sales and the Hatch sample sale to buy.)

Not everything from there is great, though, because some of their pieces make you look like a tent if you're not a waify, 5’11” model​. ​If you pick the right pieces for your body, their clothing ​does look great during each stage of pregnancy, and ​still looks fantastic even once you've lost all the baby weight.

Some of my other favorites: the Ingrid and Isabel leggings from Target ($34.99) — they’re cheap, plus offer great support for your belly. I wore these all the time. I bought the ASOS scallop hem shorts in black, and they went with everything in the summer (here’s a similar pair).

Also, the Monrow Shirred Tee evening dresses uk ($120), which I'm pretty sure is the same thing as their non-maternity V-neck dress (it had ruching without looking "maternity"), and the Citizens of Humanity Racer jeans ($176). I thought the inset panels were more comfortable than the over-the-belly panel on AG, and they didn't sag like Gap jeans. — Jenny, New York

"As far as style goes, I found the best maternity clothing options were from Motherhood Maternity and Pea in a Pod. Their clothing most resembles "regular" women's clothing — I'd probably wear half of what they have on their website now and I'm not pregnant. Everything either gives more room for an expanding belly, or is a style that’s maternity-body friendly.

I think I wore Motherhood's maternity leggings the majority of my pregnancy. That being said, I tried to be extremely frugal throughout my pregnancies, since the clothing would only be worn for such a short amount of time. Their deals online are great, but I found the store prices a bit higher than I wanted to pay.

Target and Old Navy also have great maternity selections at a great price, especially for pajamas and nursing bras, which are very important clothing items for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas. — Sarah, New York

When I was pregnant, my mother told me not to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes because she believed the more expensive brands pill and get worn out just the same as the cheaper brands. Because you're wearing them for such a short period of time, it's not worth spending big bucks.

The majority of my clothes were from Target. The clothes lasted me all pregnancy, and they were extremely comfortable. I got every dress and shirt they had in multiple colors.

I also had a few pieces from Destination Maternity and Pea in a Pod. Those stores were harder for me to shop in. I'm petite and the proportions always seemed to be off, usually too big or long.

The other clothes I had were hand-me-downs from friends or sisters. That was really useful too. I have other friends who tried their hardest to not buy maternity clothes and they kept on stretching out their regular wardrobe. Honestly, Target had the best leggings, tights, and evening dresses online. Pea in a Pod had really comfy sweaters. — Zahava, Chicago


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