wood series floor

(Honggang) (Source: Jinan Times) In April 13th after the formal punishment by the industry and commerce, the EU code flooring in the capital of the major building materials market [url=http://wpcdeckboard.com/project-case/3045.html]cheap composite deck boards los angeles[/url] began to resume sales: actually home, Big Bell Temple Blue House home, Jimei and other large building materials market in Europe Code shop has been re-opened.

The reporters found that the European Code of the floor price and there is no change, but the price tag on the origin of a column are clearly marked Beijing, Jilin logo. [url=http://www.outsidewpcdeck.com/projects/9080.html]best way to mount foam board to wall[/url] The original advertising in the promotion of the German origin of 2008 yuan a square meter of real wood series floor in the shop did not show up.

"At present, some building materials market have said that in the business decision issued by the punishment has been described in detail the quality of the EU floor itself is not a problem,[url=http://compositeexteriorfloor.com/solid-floor/2559.html]composit tounge and groove porch floor[/url] but the ads violate the law, The relevant provisions, and has been the economic penalties, so no quality problems will no longer accept returns.
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