Best Wood Plastic Composite

The wood is a honeycomb-shaped porous material containing a large amount of voids.[url=]plastic composite materials fence in the philippines[/url] Wood porosity and wood density inversely proportional to the size, such as wood dry density of 0.30-0.70g / cm3, the porosity of 80% -53%. Wood cell The hollow cylindrical thin-walled structure makes the wood light, than with the same number of materials made of solid structure can withstand greater strength, rigidity Ye Hao, that is, strong-to-heavy than the material.

Porous to form a special gas and liquid conduction path,[url=]8 composite privacy fencing[/url] and wood drying, corrosion and other chemical modification of the degree of difficulty related to porous patterns of wood to determine the variety of forms;

Porosity Increase the internal surface of wood, so that wood is easy to moisture absorption, water absorption, expansion occurs, shrinkage caused by loss of water after the timber size instability. So the expansion of shrinkage is the inherent characteristics of wood.

Third, anisotropy

The tree is formed by the layer of juvenile thickening, logs for the approximate cylinder, [url=]outdoor plastic wood decoration[/url]cylindrical symmetry in three different directions: longitudinal, radial, chord; mutual formation of three different surfaces: cross-section, diameter section and chord. All three properties of wood in different directions such as wetting and drying shrinkage, all kinds of strength, heat, electricity, sound, water conduction are not the same.

Fourth, variability

Different wood species of different nature, of course, different species of the same tree species of different age or different parts of the same tree; [url=]creative wood plastic composite house building[/url]different parts of the same or the same sample due to different water content. Wood physical and mechanical properties of different strains to be selected, a large number of different parts of the test pieces converted to the same moisture content under the conditions of the variable statistics to be effective at the fiber saturation point moisture content below the suction strength of wood increased with the reduction of various intensity reduction Different from the conversion factor of different water content to adjust the physical and mechanical properties of wood is the most critical indicator of wood density. The greater the density of wood species, the greater the strength, shrinkage is also greater.
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