world's best floor

According to reports, the EU Code in Beijing Mentougou Industrial Zone, a factory, a small factory in Daxing, Hubei, Hangzhou and other places have had production, in addition to some products [url=]plastic raw material manufacturers[/url] marked on the packaging production base for the EU Code (China) production base, the other most Are not marked with the manufacturer and address.

European Code official said that their floor is the world's best floor, but in the "3.15" period, but suffered a number of consumer complaints across the country, a gentleman bought [url=]Composite Tongue And Groove Flooring Product Installing[/url] six months later, the floor began to shrink deformation , And the complaint has become a year-long wrangling.

Subsequently, the reporter on-line query to the European Code of the floor is the first floor of the wood flooring industry is the only one for three consecutive six-year use of 3.15 signs the brand, the day before yesterday announced the 2005 Beijing favorite consumer brands, the EU Code was As Beijing's favorite home flooring brands. (Liao Ailing) Today, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter combed the past few years by the CCTV "3 �� 15" party exposure of some cases, [url=]plastic garden decking shapes[/url] concerned about and in-depth investigation of their latest.
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