compare real wood floor

The progressively beat that advantage of low carbon of environmental protection of bamboo wood floor is sure to cause trend trend to follow healthy household to live rises, the energy-saving environmental protection of building materials commodity also more and more get the attention of consumer. In recent years, bamboo wood floor takes our visual field stage by stage, its excellent environmental protection performance is one of important characteristics that it stands firm in the market. Floor market of future also will around move one word expands environmental protection, bamboo wood floor also is sure to become the trend trend place of commodity. Floor of considerable bamboo wood enters prospect of market of bamboo wood floor in the round the time of Chinese market is not long, bamboo itself is a kind relatively the material of environmental protection, and its bamboo also belongs to relatively substantial natural resources in China, chinese Zhu Lin area amounts to 500 much hectare, bamboo kind the area of resource and crop all reside the world the first, the performance on the world is the best, use the bamboo with highest value forest about 90% distributing to be saved each in Chinese south. And what lumber is faced with to demand exceeds supply all the time since China is long-term is contrary, with Zhu Daimu this gives substantial bamboo development to use treatment Cheng Zhumu floor offerred excellent development opportunity. Current, china provides the company of bamboo wood floor of the program to have more than 100 relatively, basically distributing to wait for area of province yield bamboo in Zhejiang, Hunan, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui, large company deployed what introduce from Germany to fly tenon plane, from the paint line that Italy, Taiwan introduces, the coating that uses European entrance and adhesive, quality of tall, commodity stabilizes treatment precision. In the Zhu Mu in going a few years the floor produces big company to be given priority to in order to export, exit measures year after year to increase by degrees, export Europe, United States, Canada and southeast Asia nation, and in domestic northeast area town is relatively fashionable, its sale ascendant trend is fiercer, area city also shows Beijing and other to rise smoothly trend, its market prospect is accordingly considerable. Market dominant position all shows floor of wood of environmental protection bamboo to compare quality with aggrandizement wood floor: Off color is little, want than tree as a result of the growing radius of bamboo small much, get sunshine the effect is not serious, without the difference of range of distinct yin and yang, have rich Zhu Wen because of bamboo wood floor again, and colour and lustre is well-balanced; Exterior hardness is tall an advantage that also is bamboo wood floor. Because bamboo wood floor is structure of plant crude fibre, its natural hardness compares lumber tower above one times much, and be out of shape not easily. Theoretic service life amounts to 20 years. On stability, bamboo wood floor contracts and expand rate should compare real wood floor small. With price of real wood floor: The real wood floor on the market, every square metre at every turn 229 yuan, tall criterion 449 yuan, the price of floor of pure real wood wants the price of floor of outclass bamboo wood. Style of bamboo wood floor is decorous, the price is cheaper than real wood floor, when floor of contented consumer choose and buy namely high-grade solid thinking. With real wood compound floor compares environmental protection: Bamboo relies on subterranean bamboo whip to undertake multiply, give bamboo shoot to become bamboo year after year, unripe be born not to cease. Bamboo passed to become mix for a long time after stability period, material pledges meeting year after year drops, become fragile, because this needs,undertake selective cutting every year. Bamboo wood floor chooses 5-6 of material qualitative first-rate year unripe bamboo, to growing the environment won't form an influence. Because this is a kind of environment friendly model environmental protection commodity.

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