established "good floor

First, expand the market, highlighting the "China Trade" role China National Forest Products Industry Association of the floor of the Secretary-General Lv Bin and the Liaoning Provincial Furniture [url=]synthetic composite wood strips[/url] Association Zushu Wu, respectively, at the opening ceremony, stressed that the impact of the global financial crisis on the international market,

The impact of the international flooring industry to expand the occasion, Jilin "Xinyuan" and other export-oriented flooring companies have come to Shenyang, to participate in [url=]composite floor decking in phil price[/url] "domestic trade" exhibition to share the domestic market share, the establishment of the first batch of domestic marketing network.

To increase the area or expand the promotional campaign, pushing new products, grab the market, showing the brand image of the big brands, to consolidate and expand the domestic network.[url=]discount wood tiles outdoor[/url] Ba Feike, St. Nile flooring, relying on real estate strong, showing a beautiful style, established "good floor ? Shenyang made" brand in the "domestic trade" market place.
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