coil fan and Water valve to control

connect three control relays, relay output, respectively, control heating valves, refrigeration valves, fan coil fan For the 3-speed fan, we can only control one file). Attention to the process of installation and transformation of the voltage, the original is the original weak control through the relay to achieve strong electricity. So that the entire control transformation to achieve, I just used the United States to achieve the traditional control of fan coil control, NEST thermostat has not been tested, but the function and

principle is the same; because NEST thermostat has many intelligent software features , So the test process may arise from the specific needs of the problem. In the country we generally do not control the host, but to control the end of each room fan coil or warm the valve, so each room is installed air conditioning or floor heating control panel. With the United States is the use of the difference between the United States is to control the air conditioning host, so the family is only a thermostat, which led to the fact that

the United States is more wasteful use of air conditioning, as long as a room opened the other rooms are open. While the domestic independent control of each room, relatively speaking, more energy efficient. This is the United States more attention to the reasons for energy-saving thermostat. This application guide may not be comprehensive, but also introduced the basic principles of the entire air conditioning system and control methods, hoping to help you intelligent home enthusiasts or industry-

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