wood flooring up to hundreds

He said, "solid wood flooring up to hundreds of species of timber species, more suitable for the South do not dozens of species under the floor, [url=http://pvcsoftboard.com/wpc-product/476.html] Portable Interlocking Decking Material[/url] but some consumers are often blindly popular, not according to their own decoration style and economic conditions to choose the right Varieties. "Holding the same view of Zhejiang long Sheng Co., Ltd. Zhang Enjiu floor. He said, "Wood species is important, the performance of a direct impact on the quality of the floor, but for dozens of common flooring materials, the different processing technology will produce the inherent quality of the floor has a different effect.Therefore, The same species of floor must choose a good brand reputation. "Zhang Enjiu introduced more than half of the country's solid wood flooring produced in Huzhou Nanxun, [url=http://pvcsoftboard.com/wpc-product/1858.html] Exterior Flooring Materials For Balcony[/url] Nanxun has become China's solid wood flooring capital.

From a few years ago the family workshop-style piecemeal knock, [url=http://pvcsoftboard.com/wpc-product/250.html] How Much Does Garden Decking Cost Calculator[/url] to the present has more than 330 large and small solid wood flooring production and processing enterprises, with the leading domestic plate production lines more than 360, leaching paint production lines more than 180, and Nanxun building materials market As the main production and sales base. "Now Nanxun has 60 solid wood flooring business through the two certification (referring to the ISO9001 quality management system certification, [url=http://pvcsoftboard.com/wpc-product/3676.html] Cost To Rent Security Fence[/url] ISO14001 environmental management system certification.) Last year the State Ministry of Construction selected 'national health demonstration projects selected products' and the China Timber Distribution Association Award' The National 30 pairs of commitment to enterprises (product quality commitment, after-sales service commitment) ', Nanxun District, a total of 21 enterprises on the list. "Zhejiang Fangyuan Wood Co.,
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