flooring industry cluster

production, as well as enterprise survival and development of the external environment, including the enterprise hardware and software infrastructure, market, information and management personnel, and enterprise development potential; The impact of policies, such as preferential policies, bank loans, attract talent, media publicity bring real benefits, which is conducive to enterprises in the fierce competition in the market take the initiative. China's flooring industry cluster distribution is very common in the economically developed regions are particularly concentrated. A comparative advantage, it will cause industrial transfer. This is an irreversible trend. China is a country with a vast territory and a large population. The level of de

velopment and the distribution of resources in different places are very different. Differences in economic development lead to differences in resource structure and comparative advantages, which have become important factors in promoting industrial transfer. In order to attract talent and reduce the cost of raw materials, the labor-intensive production sector can be transferred to regions with abundant labor and low cost of living, or high pollution and high consumption can be achieved through industrial relocation. Energy companies to the larger capacity of the environment, the lower the price of governance and so on. Through the transfer of industries, the implementation of cross-regional production factors and comprehensive utilization of resources, to optimize the regional industrial structure, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is of great significance. Market regulation, the flooring market downturn has continued to affect the floor business, it is understood that, due to continuous losses, business is cold, many flooring stores have been withdrawn from the plan. Chongqing City Flooring Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Xinglin told reporters th

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