Chinese flooring

n upgrade, the future prospects of a broader product flooring Wood flooring products is the only floor materials, the use of renewable raw materials can be recycled and recycled products, wood flooring is a good choice for home and shop decoration, the average Chinese urban residential wooden floor universal Rate of about 25%, medium-sized urban residential about 10%, China's national income and overall consumption level is steadily improving the future of wood flooring products market development space is very broad. Over the next 10 years, China's urbanization level is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of 1%, about 300 million rural population to urban population, will bring a large number of new housing demand, thereby driving the demand for pavement materials continued to grow . With the steady increase in income levels, the concept of large consumption of wood flooring industry is also optimistic about the prospects; secondary market concept of large consumption sought after by the funds, Del home home is expected to receive investors

favor. From the global perspective, the proportion of wood flooring products in the overall pavement material is expanding, with the overall development of the world economy and the concept of modern home depth, wood flooring products demand is steadily increasing. From the market data in recent years, the Chinese wood flooring production and sales in good condition, and the growth momentum significantly. With the country on the wood flooring product quality, environmental standards continue to improve and the increasing pursuit of consumer products personalized and quality, the future of wood flooring industry threshold will be increasingly high, the lack of brand influence, the overall strength of the weaker Wood flooring enterprises will gradually be eliminated by the market, brand enterprises will be more advantages. At present, the interior decoration materials of environmental protection and energy conservation has become a global trend. With the reduction of global forest resources, solid wood flooring prices continue to rise, many consumers began to look to the environmentally friendly and comfortable laminate flooring and parquet. As a result of strengthening the composite flooring mainly the use of small fuelwood, less waste of forest resour

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