Boots are high fashion: How high will you go?

If you’ve been waiting to bring out your favorite boots and go shopping for a couple of new pairs for this fall, now’s the time! At this point, stores are full of the newest styles in all heel heights and colors.


Year after year, boots remain popular across the board, for so many reasons. For one, boots are one of your best fashion investments ever, because they can be worn with nearly every outfit. Boots look great on women representing a variety of ages, body types and style profiles, from classic traditionalists to fashion-forward contemporary types. And boots turn ordinary outfits into something special – bringing instant attitude and style.

Over the last years, fashion has trended from the ankle bootie to the knee-high boot and now thigh-high. All of them are still super fashionable. Women on our border have been rocking boots in all styles the last few seasons and I know that we’ll be seeing even more boots in different heights around town in the next few weeks.

Of course, the thigh-high boot is the newest and sexiest. Some women think these boots look best when your skirt, tunic or cheap prom dresses just covers the top of the boots. Other women don’t mind showing a few inches between the boot top and your hemline. These high boots look great with jeans or tight pants.

Some experts suggest that you don’t want the boots to totally dominate your outfit. If this look is a bit too bold for you, wear the boots with a full-length or duster-length coat.

One last point: Fit is critical with these thigh-high boots. They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If you were wondering how high you’d go with your next pair of boots, come find out! Shoe shopping just became extra fun this season!

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