Man dies in Atoka crash night before his son's wedding

One man is dead and a Choctaw security officer is still in the hospital after he was hit by a fire truck while responding to the accident in Atoka Friday.

Samuel Lovelace, 74, was leaving the rehearsal dinner for his son's wedding around 11 p.m. Friday.

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"And Friday night, when he left the reception, he had an accident," Chris Graham, who has known Lovelace his whole life, said.

His car collided with a semi on U.S. Highway 69 in Atoka and he died at the scene.

Since it was the day before his son's wedding, the family decided to postpone it. But after Lovelace's son talked with Graham, his best friend, he changed his mind.

"We all thought about it and he called me and said that it's not what dad would've wanted, he would have wanted us to go through with this... he was so happy last night," Graham said.

So at the wedding Saturday, he said they not only celebrated the marriage of his best friend, but Lovelace's life as well.

"He could always find the good, that's what we appreciated and that's what we loved about him the most," Graham said.

Steve Walker, a 52-year-old Choctaw tribal security officer and retired Atoka firefighter, knew Lovelace as well.

Walker had stopped to help, when he was hit by a fire truck.

"He was off work and was coming home when he came across the accident," Walker's brother Brian said. "That's the way Steve is, he's gonna try to get out and see what he can do."

Walker's brother said he is still in ICU in a hospital in Tulsa, with bleeding and swelling on his brain. He said doctors cannot tell the extent of his injuries yet.

Now the two families, who were already close, are drawn even closer.

"He knew Sammy a long time and knows all the rest of the family and we just hate it for them," Brian Walker said. "It's just tragic for their family to lose someone like that."

"We love them with all of our hearts and we pray every day that everything will benefit for Steven," Graham said.

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