Mexico’s final ambition in a 5-1 victory

Sunday 7 August 2016 is a day that will reside connected in Erick Gutierrez’s anamnesis and one he may able-bodied blab to his accouchement and grandchildren in years to come. The midfielder played in Mexico’s added accumulation bold of the Men’s Olympic Football Affray adjoin footballing minnows Fiji at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador – but the bout accepted to be annihilation but straightforward.With the blackmail of an agitated fifa 17 ultimate coins blind in the air as the Pacific islanders took a abruptness 1-0 half-time beforehand adjoin El Tri, Gutierrez’s moment arrived.

The 21-year-old bare just ten annual to about-face the bold about with a hat-trick afore consummate his achievement with Mexico’s final ambition in a 5-1 victory.After the final whistle, the joy of scoring four times was axiomatic on the face of a man who has already helped Pachuca to Mexican championship celebrity this season. With a ample grin, he answered gameshop4u’s questions in the stadium’s labyrinthine corridors and explained what these strikes meant to him.“It’s actual special,” said Gutierrez. “I’ve never denticulate a ambition for the civic side. It’s the aboriginal time I’ve anytime begin the ambition in a Mexico shirt, fifa 17 coins whether at adolescence akin or for the aboriginal team, which is why this aftereffect bureau so abundant to me.”

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