Pebbles Hooper, Rose Matafeo in war of words over Parris Goebel's VMA dress

Parris Goebel's MTV VMA formal dresses online has sparked a war of words between Pebbles Hooper and comedian Rose Matafeo.

On Monday afternoon, Hooper sparked controversy when she condemned Goebel's wardrobe choice on Twitter, telling her social media followers that whoever named Goebel "best dressed" must be blind.She looked aw

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esome. Proud kiwi right here. Way to represent all that makes Parris the person and star she is today.

"Someone at the Herald needs to check on their online fashion person, I think they've gone blind after calling Parris Goebel best dressed," Hooper tweeted.

Goebel quickly responded to the media personality, writing: "Thanks babe."

Goebel received three MTV Video Music Awards nominations for her choreography at this year's ceremony, including her efforts on Justin Bieber's Sorry video.

The dancer took to the white carpet dressed in a traditional Samoan-inspired design by designer E'vana Couture.

Funny Girls comedian Matafeo quickly chimed in, tweeting Hooper: "How r u still low key racist?"

Hooper sniped back, branding the local comedian a "f...... leach" and "the world's unfunniest human".

Musician Paul Williams, brother of TV3 comedian Guy Williams, also weighed in on the controversy, telling Hooper "most people don't have this problem" when it comes to how comments are perceived online.

The former Spy columnist took a hiatus from social media last year, after she faced a public backlash over her controversial Twitter commentary.

Matafeo later responded to Hooper, clarifying her earlier "racist" jibe.

"I saw a beaut cheap formal dresses uk celebrating her culture and representing poly girls on the world stage – so sad that you can't see it," she tweeted.

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