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I have many playthroughs on mass RoI Gold effect but the only ones i feel work, at least for me, is Garrus and Kaidan. Now hear me out. Garrus has been there since the beginning. Camp headquarters was the old lodge redwood shingle sided and all timber interior with a huge stone fireplace. We ate breakfast and supper on the open air porch. I have many very fond memoires of camping at Woodhaven and with time may be able to track down camp pictures I took with my trusty Kodak Brownie "Hawkeye" camera.

Bridge Grafting to Bypass a Fungal LesionMy European ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior) is suffering from the same thing that has killed 60 90% of Danish Ash trees: Ash Dieback. This systemic disease is caused by the fungal pathogen Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus, and was first described in 2006. Ecologists have advised that the culling of ash trees is nigh on useless at this point, as the disease is so tenacious and widespread..

Profound lessons for leadership, change, victory and non conflict have arisen from bodies of work such as the "Art of War", because the learnings came from life and death scenarios. Obviously today's corporate world does not induce a mechanism for change, and success, anywhere near as strong as these ancient arts as the consequence of failure is far less. This is why groups such as the Samurai, and post war Corporate Japan, adopted highly refined lessons from Chinese Zen and the "Art of War".

Then here I am, I'm the one in the band who fucked up, I started getting into heroin. "Uhh . Fuck this?" But in the songs. Again. You aren dodging and weaving, and clicking for each strike. You hold the mouse button down, and occasionally move the mouse side to side to hit other eneimes..

Its the same rpg with a newer cooler sword. Im just waiting for creativity to kind of plummit and the start Re making old games (FInal Fantasy 7 comes to mind. Lol) I figure in a few years well be playing Diablo again in HD laughs. Hopefully then my inner bitch won't come out in my daily life so much, and I can still state my opinions or write about topics of interest, even if I don't have a class or a reason to do so. I'm wanting to have my cake and eat it too. So three cheers for e2, and here I go..

The best way to describe Sword Coast Legends is with a nice middle ground; it sits directly between Neverwinter Nights in terms of story and combat, and Divinity: Original Sin in terms of dialogue and overall comedy style. It feels a lot more approachable than Neverwinter Nights for newcomers to the old school RPG scene, which is probably to its advantage. Obviously this is all done with the agreement of Hasbro and Dungeons and Dragons, so be sure to expect typical D rules, creation, lore and monsters.
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