‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Calls Off Wedding After Nathan Shot Griffin Reveal – Claudette Mo

New General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that the wedding plans of Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) are about to go completely off the rails. Once Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) breaks his silence, it looks like Maxie might turn on her fiancé and call things off.


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When Nathan first revealed to Maxie that he shot someone that was cheating with then-wife Claudette Bolland (Bree Williamson), it took a lot of hard thinking for Maxie to continue with their engagement. That was Nathan’s first strike. Then when Claudette came to town, it got worse.

At first, Maxie was willing to blame Claudette for everything Nathan did and even rationalized it to herself that Claudette was the one at fault for Nathan shooting the guy. But then Nathan got stranded with Claudette and spent the night with her without Maxie knowing.

That was bad enough but then Claudette let her know that Nathan has their song on his play list and listens to it often. That fact plus the spending the night in his car with Claudette was strike two for Maxie. Nathan begged her to see reason and asked her to fast-track their wedding.

Once again, Nathan was able to salvage things and get them back on track, even if things were wobbly. But strike three is about to hit like an atomic bomb and Maxie and Nathan will be done. So what’s strike three? It’s the revelation that it was Griffin that Nathan shot that night.

Maxie really likes Griffin and admires his sincerity and commitment. She knows something awful happened that drove him from the priesthood and she can tell he’s haunted by it. When Griffin reveals to Maxie that he was the one cheating with Claudette that Nathan shot, she’ll be floored.

Nathan will also be stunned since he’s been trying to get the name of the guy he shot out of Claudette ever since she came to Port Charles. Claudette wants to keep that a secret and will beg Griffin to keep the truth hidden, but he can’t do that anymore and blurts the truth to Nathan and Maxie.

Once Griffin tells the stunned couple that he was Nathan’s shooting victim, it will be too much for Maxie to handle. Not only did Nathan shoot someone that she likes, but he shot a priest. But, to be fair, at the time Nathan shot him, Griffin was engaged in very un-priestly conduct.

Maxie will call off their wedding and while Nathan begs her to reconsider, General Hospital spoilers tease that Claudette will make a move on the grieving Nathan. Will Nathan get reckless while he’s in emotional upheaval and go too far with Claudette and kill any chance for reconciliation with Maxie?

Will Maxie turn to Griffin in her grief? General Hospital spoilers tease that the Nathan-Griffin shooting reveal will have far-reaching impact and could spell the end of Nathan and Maxie for good. What do you think GH fans? Do you think Maxie should forgive Nathan?

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